Arlene’s Approach

Arlene H. Henry, QC is committed to helping individuals, families, communities, and organizations work through conflict and transition to find solutions best suited to their situation. Throughout her more than 30 years of legal and conflict resolution experience, Arlene has built her practice on understanding how best to design effective bridges of communication for her clients. She has a facilitative yet directive style and her primary aim is to assist participants in identifying and achieving their custom solutions within an informal, yet pragmatic environment.


Arlene H. Henry Q.C. is a Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Instructor, and Coach who has been practicing law since 1986, mediating since 1998 and proudly received her Queen’s Counsel designation in 2005.

She has focussed her dispute resolution practice on the restructuring of families resulting from separation and divorce, wills and estate challenges, elder care and management and unwinding of closely-held businesses. Arlene is a multi-accredited civil and family law mediator and is highly skilled in the use of various collaborative interventions, including mediation, facilitated negotiations and med-arbitration.

She sits on several Boards and numerous committees within the dispute resolution community and is actively involved in the development of new resolution disciplines in family law within BC, including non-evaluative child interviews, med-arbitration, arbitration, parenting coordination and family violence screening.

Arlene has worked with aboriginal First Nations since 1991, developing custom lands policies; drafting laws for self-governing nations; and assisting with the final effective date implementation of each of the Tsawwassen First Nation and the Maa-nulth First Nations Treaties.

Although Arlene’s private practice is based in Metro Vancouver, she serves all areas of BC and many areas of Canada. When she isn’t helping her clients, she is likely found in a classroom teaching various dispute resolution disciplines or volunteering in her community.

Affiliations / Accreditations