What Clients Are Saying

Comments from clients and colleagues Arlene has worked with.

Estate Mediation

Arlene provided great mediation during what was a difficult discussion. She remained focussed on the outcome and on the possibilities for all parties to remain included, as well as provided support to help voice opinions. Great job!!

Mediation Participant
Estate Mediation

Thanks Arlene – I look forward to working with you again, and your approach and sensitivity with both parties was very appreciated.

Estate Lawyer
Parenting Coordination

Arlene, you have no idea how crucial you were to our case. You saw it all; you knew how it was and most importantly you have listened to us. You are very professional and kind, great human being who not only does her job well but also takes care of others in the process. Thank you, Arlene, for all you have done.

PC Parent
Training & Coaching

As an overall experience . . . it was the best course I’ve taken. Even though it was the introductory course I am already looking at my files differently and applying things I learned.

Legal Counsel | Course Participant
Hear the Child

Thank you for the very thorough and well written report. This was the first time I had one prepared by an outside party rather than through the court. I was very impressed. Thanks again.

Parent’s Counsel
Family Mediation

Arlene has been very respectful of everyone’s point of view, as well as assuring everyone remains in a safe place. She did a great job of connecting with the participants prior to the mediation and remaining respectful. Arlene has a wonderful management style; she brings the parties back on track without them realizing that a change in their focus has been made.

Mediation Participant
Family Mediation

Arlene, just a note to say thanks again for your terrific guidance and help yesterday. I think my client was quite pleased with the way the process unfolded, and the manner in which you handled us all . . . I get a big kick out of seeing these cases resolved in such a friendly and dignified way. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Family Law Lawyer
Family Mediation

Thanks Arlene – it was great to work with you and to see why you have such a good reputation! I look forward to another opportunity

MCFD Team Leader