Estate Mediation is a process that helps parties work through conflict arising from the distribution of the assets of a loved one who has passed away. Whether families are trying to vary a will because they believe they have been wrongly disinherited by their parent or spouse; or individuals are trying to set aside a will over concerns of undue influence or lack of capacity, these types of disputes are often emotionally taxing for everyone involved. By using mediation, families are able to sort through the challenges encountered when administering estates in a private, timely and less costly manner than proceeding through the court system.

Understanding that all families operate differently, Arlene’s role in the mediation process as the impartial third party ensures that all relevant voices are heard and all creative solutions are explored. Her effective use of confidential pre-mediation interviews allows her to get behind the legal issues to the very personal interests often fueling the conflict within the family.

Arlene’s nearly 20 years of practice as a wills and estate lawyer, assisting clients in succession planning, wills drafting and administering of estates, makes her uniquely qualified to understand the nuances involved in estate mediation. She has also been a long-time proponent of individuals using mediation as an early intervention tool in succession planning particularly when prospective beneficiaries are adults or when blending families.